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Dental Braces

Do I Need Dental Braces?

Without the help of dental braces, jaw growth and tooth alignment can be affected. This can affect your overall oral health. Braces can be applied as early as age six, when a child’s jaw is still developing, and any malocclusion may be in its earliest stage.

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Malocclusion is when there is an abnormal alignment of the upper and lower teeth.

Some Signs that You May be Experiencing Malocclusion:

  1. Overbite: Front teeth protruding over the lower teeth
  2. Underbite: Lower front teeth that overlap the upper teeth
  3. Open Bite: Upper and lower teeth not touching
  4. Excessive and irregular spacing between teeth
  5. Feeling of pain in the jaw or tenderness in facial muscles
  6. Crowded or overlapping teeth

Other Services

Dental Cleaning & Hygiene
Regular checkups and cleanings prevent gum disease and tooth decay
Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening Treatments. Safe and Effective way to Remove Stains and Brighten Teeth.

Clear Aligners

Straighten Your Teeth The Simple Way With Invisalign! Free Consultation to Get Started.

General Dentistry

Custom Dental Implants That Look And Act Like Natural Teeth. Single Tooth to Full Arch.

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